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OSToto provides information and products to you on this website. When you get access to this website, your any action, for example, download & install software, register, browsing, etc. is deemed to agree to these terms and conditions below.


1. All product related materials including trademark, patent, trade secret, text, images, logos, sounds, interface design, framework, etc. contained on this website are owned and licensed by OSToto Co., Ltd. All of them are protected by Chinese and international copyright law.

2. Without the prior written permission of OSToto Co., Ltd., you cannot copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit or publish any information in the copyright in any form or by any means no matter it is for profit or non-profit.

3. OSToto reserves the right to pursue legal responsibilities.

Use of the Software

1. Users are not allowed sell, rent, lend or transmit the software to others in any form or by any means.

2. Users are not allowed to translate or decompose software, export source code by decompiling and decomposing, or develop new software on the basic of OSToto software.

3. Users are not allowed to provide data processing services, application services and business share to third party.

4. Users are not allowed to change any logos or trademarks related to OSToto software.

5. Users are not allowed to infringe upon the rights of OSToto Co., Ltd. as well as other people during the process of using OSToto software.

Software Authorization

Users can download, install and use the software in the single-terminal equipment with non-commercial purposes. You may not be copied, modified, changed, or created derivative products (including plug-in, unauthorized third party program, etc.) without the permission of OSToto Co., Ltd.


With regard to the materials, information and software covered on the website, OSToto gives no guarantee of the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency and reliability of them in spite of its attempts to provide accurate materials and information on the site. OSToto will let you completely understand all the risks before downloading and installing any of the software (including but not limited to the potential infection of your system by computer viruses and loss of data).

Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

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