How to Use OSToto Hotspot (former name: 160WiFi)

OSToto Hotspot (formerly named 160WiFi) is a free WiFi hotspot creator, which can instantly turn your laptop, desktop PC or notebook computer into a WiFi hotspot. Thus you can freely share your computer Internet connection with anyone nearby on all WiFi-enabled devices, like iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, LG phones, HTC phones, Sony phones, laptop, notebook, etc.

It's very easy to download OSToto Hotspot and use it to create a free WiFi hotspot on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.


Part 1. Create a Free Wi-Fi Hotspot to Share Internet Connection

OSToto Hotspot can turn your laptop, notebook or desktop (with a working wireless adapter) into a WiFi hotspot in seconds. Download and install it on your computer.

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Build A Wi-Fi Hotspot on Your Laptop/Notebook Computer

A laptop or notebook computer has the built-in wireless cards or adapters, which enables WiFi easily. You just need to launch OSToto Hotspot, and it will start a WiFi hotspot automatically.

You can modify or edit the WiFi name (also called SSID) and the password from the interface. Any WiFi-enabled devices nearby can easily join the WiFi with the name and password.


Note: OSToto Hotspot offers the WPA2 for password protection to keep freeloaders out. You can click the “eye” icon beside the password to hide/show the password.


Create A WiFi Hotspot on Your Desktop PC

Unlike a laptop or notebook, a desktop PC won't have the built-in wireless adapter. Therefore, you need to install a wireless adapter (such as a USB wireless LAN card). OSToto Hotspot will reply with the "Could not find an available wireless network card" box if there is no wireless adapter on your computer.


After you install the wireless adapter, run OSToto Hotspot and it will install a correct wireless card driver for it, as well as create the WiFi hotspot. You can also click the “Restart” button to see if Windows fixes the problem automatically.

Note: Computer can't detect the wireless card you plug in? Try Driver Talent to install the driver for the wireless card you connect to your desktop. Then run OSToto Hotspot to create a free WiFi hotspot point access.

Part 2. Other Settings

OSToto Hotspot allows you to customize the WiFi hotspot and the wireless-enabled devices.

Settings on the User Interface

You could manage all the settings and features via the OSToto Hotspot user interface.

Click on the gear icon on the upper right, and you will see three options, including “Open the WiFi at startup”, “Automatically open WiFi” and “Hide the tray icon”.

- Open the WiFi at startup.

Once you turn on this option, your laptop or desktop will run OSToto Hotspot automatically after the PC power-on or restart.

- Automatically open WiFi.

When this option is turned on, OSToto Hotspot will automatically create a WiFi hotspot once it launches on your computer.

- Hide the tray icon.

You can hide or show the floating ball by clicking on the switch, with which you could control the WiFi signal.


Click on any device connected to the WiFi, and you can check the device information in details, including the device name, IP address, connection time, etc. OSToto Hotspot also allows you to edit the device names so that you can identify the devices.

- Customize device names.

Click the pen icon beside the “Comment Name” and type into a customized name for the WiFi-enabled device, for example, Tom’s iPhone 6s. Then click the pen icon again to save the change. This will help you identify the devices once there are two or more iPhone 6s devices connected to your WiFi Hotspot.


Settings on the Tray Icon

Every time you run OSToto Hotspot, it will come with a floating ball (tray icon), which is a quick entrance for you to enable/disable the WiFi hotspot and exit the app. You can drag it everywhere on your computer desktop and hide/show it as you like in the Setting on the user interface.

- Restart WiFi.

If you think there is something wrong, such as your device can't connect to the WiFi hotspot, restart the WiFi just by right-clicking on the floating ball and then select the “Restart WiFi”.


- Close WiFi.

If you don’t want any WiFi-enabled devices to connect to the WiFi hotspot for the moment, then you can right-click the floating ball and select the “Close WiFi” to disable the wireless feature.


- Exit OSToto Hotspot.

When you want to stop OSToto Hotspot and concentrate on your office work, you could right-click the floating ball for “Exit” to end the application. Thus your iPhone, Android phone, tablet and other wireless-enabled devices will not receive any WiFi signal from OSToto WiFi Hotspot.


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