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Why iOSToto Is Your Best Choice?

iOSToto is an intuitive and powerful iOS file manager. It allows you to:

  • Transfer data from an original iOS device to a new one
  • Export photos & videos
  • Clean up caches & release Apple device space
  • Backup apps, music, messages, etc. on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Make custom iPhone ringtones
  • Manage or sync data with WiFi

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Transfer Files between iOS Devices

Quickly transfer the duplicates of apps, photos, music, contacts, message and everything from iOS to iOS in one click.

Backup or Restore Data on Your iPhone

Super backup or restore contacts, messages, photos, music, videos. Apps with records are also allowed to backup or restore.

Manage File with WiFi

Say no to the USB cable. Connect your iPhone to PC in seconds via WiFi and manage your files.

Customize iPhone Ringtones

Clip music as your iPhone ringtones and say good-bye to the default ringtone.

Fast Optimize & Release Space

Get your iOS device refreshed. Take a scanning and perform a clean-up to remove caches, junk files, useless apps, etc.

View Files on Your iOS Device

Check a certain file you need in File Explorer. Use your iPhone as a USB flash drive.

Manage the Desktop

View a real-time desktop and quickly rearrange your icons.

Flash or Update Your iPhone

Download firmware or flash to experience iOS of the latest version.

Copy Data to Your New iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

With iOSToto, you can transfer all the data from your iPhone 6s to your new iPhone 7 in just one click. You won’t miss any of your contacts, messages, photos, etc. in your old iPhone. If you like, you are free to determine any apps with records to load on your other iOS devices, such as iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Pro, iPod Touch, etc.

Support Data Backup and Restore on Windows PC

To avoid terribly missing data, iOSToto allows you to backup any of your iPhone contents, including apps, photos, music, videos, contacts, messages and more. In addition, you can restore the data from any backup to any iOS devices.

Manage iPhone Files Anywhere with Wireless

iOSToto frees your iPhone from the USB cable. Besides the USB connection, you can easily transfer, backup or restore your iPhone files via WiFi network, faster than that via iTunes or iCloud.

Make Your Own iPhone Ringtones

Bored with the default iPhone ringtone playing in every public place you go? iOSToto supports Ringtone Maker and you can customize ringtones for your iPhone in only 3 easy steps. Both the ringtone and export are available.
Learn more about Ringtone Maker

Optimize and Free up Space for Faster iOS Experience

To save the space and improve your iPhone experience, iOSToto checks out and repairs operation issues, including customized caches, rarely used apps, temporary files and more. It makes your iOS data safer.

Learn about the Battery Usage

All the details of the battery information are available. With Battery Master, you’re able to know how long the iOS device will be fully charged and how long you can use each app on your iPhone.

Learn about Every File on Your Apple Device

To learn more about your iPhone, you can view the system directory & file system of the iOS device via File Explorer or Log. It lists all kinds of the files and allows you to rename, delete, export, new folder and more like what you do on Windows. Moreover, you’re allowed to access files and use your iOS device as a USB drive.

Directly View and Rearrange the Desktop

Desktop Management frees you from dragging each icon in the screen. You can quickly finish rearranging numbers of apps among a few screens at one time with several clicks. In addition, you are able to get a real-time project or screenshot of the desktop.

Update iOS Firmware or Flash iPhone in One Click

Aside from the data management, iOSToto allows you download the latest iOS firmware by automatically recognizing your Apple device. You can flash your iPhone to the latest version or jailbreak it to experience more..

Work with All iOS and Common Windows OS

iOSToto is able to run on all commonly used Windows operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10




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