How to Take a Screenshot and Record Screen on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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Always want to take a screenshot on you new iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and share the chat records, the high scores in Pokemon Go, Facebook clips among your friends? Find it tough to copy a screen on your iOS device with fingers? Want to open the image instantly with the photo editing app after you capture the home screen of your iPhone 7? Want to record screen activities on iPad?

It can be quite easy and quick to take an iPhone screenshot, iPad screenshot, iPod Touch screen and even the Apple TV screenshot. And today let’s have a close look at how to take a screenshot on the iOS devices as well as how to record screen. Here we’ve had top 3 ways to make it. Each is for different iOS users who make use of the screenshot for different purposes.

Way 1. Capture a Screen on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with the Physical Buttons

Almost all the iOS devices have their own physical buttons. And it is the common way that users capture a home screen or a screen image with both the Home button and the Power/Lock/Sleep/Wake button. Though the latest iPhone 7/7 Plus as well as the latest gossip device--- iPhone 8 or iPhone X equip with the virtual Home button instead of the physical one, it won’t change the way your copy a screen. Also, the location of the Power button should have your attention. It varies on different iPhone models, either on the top of the device or on the right side.

It is a little tough and pesky to take a screenshot with the buttons, because you may not get the picture successfully at once if you fail to press the buttons with improper strength. And here are the steps:

Step 1. Put your fingers on the Power button. Press and hold it.

Step 2. Press and the Home button immediately and then release both the two buttons at the same time.


Step 3. Go to the Photos app on your iOS device. Toggle the Albums on the bottom right corner and tap All Photos/Screenshots/Camera Roll to view the screenshot you captured just now.

It is useful to use the physical buttons to take a screenshot, but users who hold the iOS models like iPad Mini, iPhone 4, iPhone 6 often mind whether it will damage their Home button if they press the only physical button a thousand times for the screenshot. To release the pain, you can make use the methods below to capture a screen.

Way 2. Copy an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Screen via AssistiveTouch

AssistiveTouch is a virtual Home button that Apple designs for those who care about the physical Home button on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. And you can bring up the handy menu to help you take a screenshot on the iOS device.

Step 1. Set up the AssistiveTouch

Go to the Settings on your iPhone or iPad and tap the General. Then tap the Accessibility and scroll down and select AssistiveTouch. Now you can turn on the AssistiveTouch.


Step 2. Customize the AssistiveTouch Menu

You can customize the top level menu of AssistiveTouch on part of the new iOS models, such as iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPad Pro, etc., and add the Screenshot icon. So go to Customize Top Level Menu. Tap a plus icon or the icon you want to change, and then check the Screenshot.

On the older iOS models, the Screenshot icon has been added to the third level of the AssistiveTouch menu.


Step 3. Take a Screenshot on iOS device with the AssistiveTouch Menu

Now you get a black square, the AssistiveTouch on the screen. Go the home screen or the screen with the content on which you want to take a screenshot. Tap the square to expand the AssistiveTouch menu and tap the Screenshot icon. You’ll see your iPhone or iPad screen flashes white briefly, which means you’ve captured the screen successfully. Then you can open the Albums and share the image with your friends via Facebook or Twitter.


Note: For the older iOS models like iPhone 4, you can tap the square and choose Device, and then tap More to get the Screenshot icon.

Way 3. Use iOSToto to Take a Screenshot on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

The physical buttons and the AssistiveTouch menu are helpful to take a screenshot on you iPhone, but what if you want to capture the screen and edit it on your Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP computer? iOSToto has your back. iOSToto is an intuitive and powerful iOS file manager which allows you to take a screenshot (with or without the shell) as well as record the screen on your iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 5s, etc.

Free Download

It is an easier and practical solution to help capture the iPhone screen in PNG format so that you can edit the image with photo editors like Adobe Photoshop, the Nik Collection, Paint.NET and more. You can download the iOS file manager via the button above. And here’s how it works on capturing a screen and record the screen on iPhone.

Take an iPhone Screenshot with iOStoto

Step 1. Launch iOSToto and connect your iOS device to the PC. It defaults to open the Device menu and you can see your device with the shell and the color on the computer screen.


Step 2. Light up your iPhone or iPad and go to the screen you want to copy. Click the camera icon below your device picture on iOSToto. You will get the drop-down menu with options like Screenshot, Save to File, Copy to Clipboard only, With phone shell, etc. And then you can take a screenshot with the features you prefer.


Thus you can open the screenshot you took just now in the folder on Windows.

Record the iOS Screen with iOSToto

iOSToto is a handy screen recorder, and it supports iPhone screen record. To do this trick, check the detailed steps below.

Step 1. Go to the Toolbox menu and select the Real-time Screenshot.


Step 2. Light up the iOS screen and it will refresh and display the real-time screen image on the device. Then you can click the camera icon to take a screenshot. Click the record icon to open the settings for screen recording.


Step 3. Click OK to start recording what you do on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. When it completes, click the stop icon to save the screen recording in AVI format.

Below is a video tutorial that shows how to use iOSToto to record the screen on iPhone. Bonus: The recording shows what we talk about in Way 2---- Copy an iPhone Screen via AssistiveTouch.

This is how to copy the screen with iOSToto. Also, iOSToto offers a lot of other useful features you may like to experience. You can refer to the post below to learn more about it.

That’s it. All of the above are the possible best ways to capture a screen on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Apple TV. If you have any questions on how to take a screenshot on iPhone with iOSToto, please tell us via the comments section.


Intuitive iOS File Manager for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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