User Guide -- How to Use OSToto PC Speeder

OSToto PC Speeder is a versatile PC tune-up utility, cleaning up junk files, fixing registry problems, optimizing system memory, managing startup programs and many more to speed up and optimize your PC. OSToto PC Speeder aims to make your PC run faster and smoother.

Below is the user guide of how to scan and optimize your PC, clean your PC, speed up your PC, utilize the useful toolbox and customize settings.

Activate OSToto PC Speeder to the Pro version to get full features.

Note: It's FREE to scan & optimize your PC, clean your PC and speed up your PC. To check real-time network usage and test the network speed, you need to Activate OSToto PC Speeder to the Pro version. Right now you can get a free license code to experience the complete features by submitting your e-mail address.

It's very easy to use OSToto PC Speeder on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Part 1. Scan and Optimize Your PC

You can use OSToto PC Speeder to scan your PC to check the performance status, including memory usage, CPU occupancy, redundant process, junk files and system configuration. After the scan is complete, you can one-click "Optimize" to make your PC run more quickly and smoothly.

Step 1. Launch OSToto PC Speeder. Go to "Home" tab and click "Scan Now" button. OSToto PC Speeder will display your system performance information.

scan your pc

Step 2. Once the scan is finished, one-click "Optimize" to optimize your PC performance.

optimize your pc

Part 2. Clean Your PC

OSToto PC Speeder has the "Clean" function to remove your unnecessary files to make your system run faster and free up your disk space. There are 7 types of files can be cleaned: Windows system junk files, privacy traces, invalid registry, malicious plugins, caches & cookies generated by browsing the Internet, Application program junk files, junk files generated by watching videos & listening to music.

Step 1. Go to "Clean" tab. Click the check boxes to select items that you wish to clean.

clean your pc

Step 2. One-click "Clean".

one-click clean your pc

Part 3. Speed Up Your PC

You could use OSToto PC Speeder to speed up your PC, including closeable program, memory optimization, system resources optimization, network configuration optimization, startup programs.

Step 1. Go to Speed Up tab. Click the check boxes to select items that you wish to speed up.

speed up your pc

Step 2. Click "Speed Up".

one-click speed up your pc

Part 4. Useful Toolbox

OSToto PC Speeder provides a variety of useful tools, including Auto Shutdown, Network Monitor, Network Test and Driver Talent.


- Auto Shutdown. Auto Shutdown enables you to shut down your PC at a scheduled time.

auto shutdown

- Network Monitor. Network Monitor can monitor application programs and network.

network monitor

- Network Test. Network Test helps to test the network speed.

network test

- Driver Talent. Driver Talent helps to install and repair drivers easily and quickly.

driver talent

Part 5. Customize Settings

Click on the "Settings" on the left menu to customize settings. You can make General settings, Auto Service settings and Notifications settings.

- General Settings

general settings

- Auto Service Settings

auto service settings

- Notifications Settings

notifications settings

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